Everyone deserves to be healthy. Let's get local produce to people in need especially during COVID. We're connecting low income families and seniors in the West Kootenays with farm fresh local, organic food once a week to help ensure those people who need it most have access to healthy food.

Local organic food fresh from the farm, straight to familieswho need it most

Farms to Friends is about local food security & our most vulnerable residents.

Too often the lowest income people are hit the hardest by emergencies and disasters. The COVID-19 pandemic is no exception. 

EcoSociety has launched a new program to support 54 low income families and seniors this year to access healthy food grown locally in the West Kootenays. EcoSociety’s staff and team of volunteers provide weekly no contact delivery to the homes of those in need.

Working with three local farms, Glade Organics, Linden Lane Farms & Mr. Mercy’s Mushrooms, we’re bringing weekly boxes of fresh, local produce to these low income people for 16 weeks from July through October.

We pick up the boxes from the farmers and deliver them to community members’ doorsteps with the support of our local network of volunteers, using safe protocols for low contact and low risk of transmitting COVID.

We’re also working with local chefs and restaurants to provide simple recipes to go along with the produce to offer fresh ideas on how to use the ingredients each week.

Our health is tied to our environment. Focusing on food security during the pandemic helps families and seniors eat healthy local food and learn how to use it during the hardships caused by COVID.

Andrew O’Kane is one of the volunteers in Trail who helps deliver the bags of produce each week.

“I like it that we are supporting local organic growers by purchasing their produce for four months straight. It’s been great delivering the bags of vegetables, just getting out there and seeing people, and also because although they all know I’ll be coming, they are all pleasantly surprised when I arrive every Thursday afternoon,” he says. “It’s a really practical example of supporting food security in the Kootenays from producer to consumer.”

It’s about community pulling together. We can live better.

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Meet the farmers

Glade Organics is a small-scale veggie farm on a beautiful parcel of fertile land between Nelson and Castlegar near the Glade General Store on Highway 3A. Ross Petrie, an Irishman, and Mira Grbich, a local from Pass Creek, are first generation farmers. They are in their fifth year of farming for anyone who enjoys veggies and who values supporting local and eating close to home. Their mission is to cultivate a sense of community that encourages sustainable agriculture and to distribute quality, organic, local, fresh produce.


Linden Lane Farms in Krestova makes it easier to grow great plants and eat amazing food. Third generation farmer Matthew Carr is making good use of his horticulture degree, settling back in the Kootenays to farm full-time, and continues to push the boundaries of local food production. This year perhaps more than ever local food security is on everyone’s mind. The farm mainly produces an array of certified organic vegetables and small fruits on 4 acres of their family’s 150 acre farm.


Mr. Mercy’s Mushrooms is a small, family run mushroom farm in Kaslo. Specializing in gourmet, edible and medicinal mushrooms like Shiitake, Oyster, Lion’s Mane, and Reishi, Mr. Mercy’s started in 2017 with the intent to provide people in the Kootenays with beautiful, delicious, and healthy mushrooms. Grown with the highest quality starting materials, Mr. Mercy’s Mushrooms will also be certified organic this summer. With the fungi-rich temperate rain forest ecosystems around us as their inspiration, they hope to bring more mushrooms to your life soon!

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