Covid-19 has turned the world inside out. We are all affected. We're still here working for a renewable energy future, working to conserve our valuable and valued wild places, working to ensure a sustainable supply of local, healthy food is available for all of us. Together, we will get through this.

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Renewable Kootenays

Our mission to help the West Kootenays transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050 continues. We’re still working behind the scenes with the working group of nine local governments on the draft plan for a renewable energy future for the West Kootenays. The working group has told us this is still a priority.

The public consultation process has had to change, and we’re exploring options for online input for each community.

The draft plan will still be ready later this spring, and then we’ll host more opportunities for public feedback while we work with the local governments to adopt the plan.

And we’re still building support in the communities that haven’t yet signed on to the commitment to 100% renewable energy. If you’re in one of these communities, please sign the petition and let your local government know that the best way to economic recovery is through a renewable energy economy.

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Food Sustainability

BC’s farmers’ markets are an essential service. We will continue to run the Nelson farmers’ markets twice a week following the rules set out by the Centre for Disease Control and the BC Farmers Markets Association. This means you will still have access to local food from farmers and prepared food providers in a safe environment.

There will also be an online farmers market where you can order all of the products you are used to finding at the Nelson markets. GardenFest and MarketFest are postponed until next year.

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Protecting our wild places is still a priority, perhaps now more than ever. We need a healthy environment and healthy communities to come out of the pandemic safely.

We’re still working to stop the logging of old growth forests, our Conservation Committee continues to meet and advise us, and we continue to partner with other groups, such as Y2Y, to reach as broad and dedicated an audience as possible. And your continued support is as valuable as ever.

Providing educational opportunities about the importance of preserving our old growth forests has changed with social distancing and the closure of so many trails and parks. We’re exploring ways to share more information online.

  • We continue to support other groups that are leading the efforts to preserve our watersheds, such as in Glade & Ymir.
  • We continue to support the efforts to protect the crucial habitat of the Argenta Face.
  • We will be continuing our part in the national campaign to Make Room for Nature to ensure the federal government sets aside 25% of our country’s land base by 2025.
  • We’re keeping the pressure on the provincial government to dissolve the Resort Municipality of Jumbo now that Qat’muk, the Jumbo Valley, is protected.
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The world has gone digital! Since we can’t get together in person, we’ve started a Facebook Group where you can share what’s happening in your world related to Covid-19. It’s a place to share ideas, share something positive and stay connected. It’s also a place where you can tell us how we can help you.

Community is at the heart of our work, so drop in and say hi!

You can also join us every evening from 7-8 pm in an online get together. This Zoom link takes you to the evening chat where we check in with each other and discuss topics ranging from how your garden is doing to how you can continue to volunteer and be a part of our work. We’re all in this together.

It’s a place to be yourself and, yes, see other people!

Stay connected with your community. See you on social media!

You’re Invited to EcoSociety’s Expert Speaker Series

Every Tuesday and Wednesday from 12:00-1:15 pm, local experts will help you learn about mushroom foraging, supporting your children during this pandemic, and many more useful topics.

Recent & Upcoming Webinars

14th April, 12-1.15pm Starting a Garden with Marina Buchan

15th April, 12-1.15pm Kids and the Pandemic: understanding and supporting your children

21st April, 12-1.15pm Gardening: Growing skills with Kim Charlesworth

See the full list here for webinars through the end of May.

EcoSociety is here for you 

We are here to support you and your community. We want to make sure that no one feels alone right now. 

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