Climate Action Town Hall – Nelson & Area (Climate Consultation)

Wednesday, May 25 @ 6:30pm Nelson Climate Action Town Hall >RSVP< Join your community to prepare for the Nelson town hall, hosted by MP Wayne Stetski, on Canada's climate action plan: Wednesday, May 25 @ 6:30pm at the Prestige Hotel RSVP. The town hall will be filmed and all statements, visuals, and footage will be presented to the Canadian Government on behalf of Nelson. Let's get…

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Member Spotlight: Diana van Eyk is a committed member and volunteer

by Diana van Eyk I love being a member of the EcoSociety for a whole raft of reasons. On the practical side, it's an extremely effective organization. Here are some of the things the small staff and volunteers do that make me feel excited: run campaigns that educate us on important environmental issues, run outdoor markets that sell locally grown food and handmade goods, fight to keep Jumbo wild…

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Member Spotlight: Alon Gelcer wants a healthy home

by Alon Gelcer I've lived in the West Kootenays for 25 years and I believe we are some of the lucky few that still have an incredible thriving ecosystem that is alive with wild animals, forests, fresh water and air. As the world changes in frightening ways, more and more people are beginning to realize what an amazing and enriching gift a healthy environment is for our children and for……

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Member Spotlight: Sue Skidmore is a proud mom and gramma

by Sue Skidmore We all join the West Kootenay EcoSociety for different reasons…my push was alcohol. There, I hope I got your attention. I joined the EcoSociety as a member and have started taking on a few “baby-steps” volunteer jobs, like writing this blog, but it took me a while to get to this point.  Contrary to how this sounds, drinking does not play a big part in my life but making new…

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2015 bikes not pipes riders

May Days of Action for a Renewable Energy Future

by Keith Wiley Kootenays are a strong part of the world-wide movement to defend climate and leave fossils in the ground. Informed and active, and proactive…we are ‘early adopters’ of green, protecting the natural environment. There has been a tremendous amount of news about climate policy and renewable energy. And right now, there is lots of action pushing for a clean energy…

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Energy Conversation Cafe

Regional energy independence Can we get off the tar sands? The future of energy is a huge topic today. Are we going to depend on the tar sands, coal and fossil fuel or are we going to evolve to sustainable systems? Will energy be centrally controlled or will we move to local energy sources and systems with less impact?  Join local energy experts to discuss the big picture and the local…

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