We are at a crossroads. The choices we make in the next couple years will determine whether we’re on a path of decisive climate action or continue with unchecked carbon pollution.

We need the Kootenays to phase out fossil fuels and be on 100% renewable energy in all sectors no later than 2050 to do our fair share to prevent the worst climate impacts of carbon pollution, like drought, floods, wildfires and other extreme weather events.

This transition must also support low-income people, provide justice and reconciliation for Indigenous Peoples, and retrain workers from the fossil fuel industry to clean energy jobs. Change is possible. Join us today.


Our Work During Covid-19

BC’s current forest policy and regulatory regime are insufficient to maintain healthy, sustainable forested ecosystems, particularly in the face of climate change and the need to manage for ecosystem resilience. We need a moratorium on logging old growth forests now!

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100% Renewable Kootenays

Renewable energy, clean energy jobs, healthy communities. We need West Kootenay communities to join the global movement and phase out fossil fuels and transition to 100% renewable energy by 2050. EcoSociety works will grassroots community leaders, businesses and local governments to get to 100% renewable energy.

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Holding Fossil Fuel Companies Accountable

Forest fires, droughts, and landslides are natural events, but the frequency and severity are increasing drastically due to climate change. Right now, communities are being forced to foot the bill, but that’s not fair. We are reclaiming the legal power to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable in partnership with West Coast Environmental Law.

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