Personal Fundraising

For a people-powered movement to be successful, we need to reach everyone. Hosting a fundraiser opens doors to connect a whole new group of people and inspire them to be involved and build community together as the EcoSociety. We need your help and innovation to take our EcoSociety community further than we ever thought possible so we can protect nature and build healthy & safe communities.

Its easy:

  1. Create your fundraising page with photos and your story.
  2. Pour your heart out:
    Share Why EcoSociety’s work is important to you.
    Why your friends and family should join you and donate to EcoSociety- whether you are asking for a donation instead of a birthday gift or running an epic trail race and want to raise funds for the cause you care most about, your impact is bigger when your friends and family join you.
  3. Share your fundraising page through social media, email & in person when your granny asks ‘what do you want for your birthday, dear?’.

When you submit the form, we will be in touch give you any extra support you need to make your personal fundraising page a huge success.

Let’s get fundraising!

Need help with fundraising ideas? Get in touch:

Here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

  • Sponsored ski race
  • Movie Nights
  • Bake Sale
  • Ultra/ Bike Races
  • Birthday or Holiday donations