Your West Kootenay EcoSociety formed in 1994, and over the years you’ve helped us win our share of successes.

For our 25th anniversary in 2019, we printed a limited run of booklets showing our history and the people who have been involved in caring for our natural world over the years. You can view the full 56 page booklet in the carousel below. Click on the arrows to move back and forth or click on a page to expand it.

Some of the successes you’ll read about include when we:

  • Organized West Kootenay Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Conference
  • Promoted affordable and accessible shared transportation to save money and reduce carbon pollution through
  • Won in court to protect painted turtles in Grohman Narrows Park
  • Helped establish West Arm Provincial Park
  • Collaborated with Nelson EcoSave to host the Green Home Energy Show, now in its 7th year
  • Led local Get Out The Vote efforts
  • Local organizer on Peoples’ Climate Plan
  • Built Whitewater & Mill Creek trails
  • Ran the Nelson Farmers’ Markets for 17 years
  • Won the Trail & District Chamber of Commerce awards for Business of the Year in 2019 and Nonprofit of the Year in 2020
  • … and much more!