What does volunteering & working at EcoSociety mean to you?

Remember when we could safely gather and take part in parades and other celebrations? Let’s work toward doing that again soon. Earth Day parade, Nelson, 2019.

To celebrate Earth Day, we asked EcoSociety staff and volunteers why they work and volunteer with us, what motivates them, and why it is important to them. Here are a few of their answers. 

“Volunteering for the EcoSociety over the past few years has been a well rounded experience.  Volunteering has allowed me the opportunity to deepen my ecological values, meet other compassionate humans keen to roll up their sleeves for the environment and a social justice movement, and when I don’t have the extra money to share freely, my time becomes my currency. I appreciate the continued focus they bring for things I think are important to push forward in our community. I hope to volunteer even more in the future.” Kat McGlynn

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of the EcoSociety family, a family that appreciates the earth. Sharing the love of earth with others invigorates connection and our resilience. Everything we have is because earth provides it. Everything we are made of comes from the earth. Celebrating life is recognizing it’s fragility and respecting earth.” Yael Finer

When I worked at the Mustard Seed in Calgary as Christmas coordinator a lot of food was given as a donation. Much of the food was fast food like donuts, white bread and boxed food. The food I deliver through Farms to Friends is whole foods, eggs, vegetables and sprouts. The body thrives on nutritious foods, so I am quite happy delivering these healthy groceries.” – Craig Mulllin, Farms to Friends Program Director

“Two years ago I was lucky enough to find a good deal on a used hybrid vehicle in Trail, BC. Now known as the Zebra, the Zebra quietly takes me into the back country to ski, to hike, and to enjoy wild spaces every weekend. I show up to work everyday so that more people in my community can be included in an affordable transition to renewable energy, and so that we can have more access to wild spaces together.” – Natasha Edmunds, Organizing Director

What motivates you to volunteer, donate and take part in our activities and programs? Let us know at info@ecosociety.ca