Suzy Hamilton Legacy Fund Award is Now Taking 2022 Nominations

As the earth makes another rotation around the sun and humanity faces more environmental and humanitarian crises than ever before, so increases the need for the impassioned work of activists around the globe. Humanity faces many global challenges, such as climate change, war, famine, plastic pollution in our oceans and more. Still, many of our problems are being confronted on the local level by courageous, altruistic individuals, like Suzy Hamilton, who led many campaigns in her lifetime in service of the planet and people. The Suzy Hamilton Legacy Fund was created for the purpose of supporting the continuation of her great work by self-identified women in the Kootenays. 

The committee has extended the deadline for nominees for this year’s award until May 31. Nominees can be sent to the committee at Please provide the name and contact information for the nominee, as well as a short paragraph describing your reason for the nomination. We welcome the re-submission of nominees from previous years. 

As the cash value of the Suzy Hamilton Legacy Fund endowment grows, the award amount increases, and currently sits at $843.50. The award committee encourages donations so that Suzy’s legacy continues to grow. Please check out the Osprey Community Foundation to make a donation, so that we can continue to honour women environmental activists in a financially meaningful way. 

For more information contact Matt Lowe, 1-250-354-8793.