Make friends and join people across your region who care about a clean energy future, protected wild spaces, and local food.

Volunteers play an essential role in creating a clean energy future, protecting wild spaces and promoting local food sustainability. Volunteers do this in many different ways such as fundraising, event planning, delivering food baskets, data entry and more! Training is always provided making this a great way to learn new skills.

Volunteers take on many different roles. You can be: 


A Fundraiser:

As a non-profit, donations and fundraising is an important part of keeping campaigns going. Help raise money by organizing a fundraiser. Or support one of our annual fundraisers such as the electric bike raffle, the ski movie night or membership drive, gift and food deliveries. 


A Deep Canvasser:

Deep canvassing is one of the only tactics proven to change people’s minds for the long term. We are having meaningful conversations over the phone with folks in Trail, BC, about the transition to 100% renewable energy, learning their hopes and fears, and connecting on our shared Kootenay values. Join our team and have the most meaningful conversations of your life. 


A Data Monkey:

Helping us build our support and get in touch with the community by entering petition signatures into our database. No experience needed.


An (Eco Correspondent) Communicator: 

We use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the EcoSociety blog to connect with our supporters. If you have ideas for content, growing our following or are interested in writing a blog post let us know. 


A Community Educator:

Help us build community! EcoSociety volunteers attend many community events to share information and collect petition signatures. 


A Phone Banker:

At key moments in our campaigns, we need phone supporters. This is a very effective strategy and incredibly rewarding. For example in the 2015 federal election volunteers made 1000s of Get Out to Vote calls and helped to vote in an MP who cares about environmental issues. 

A Knowledge Philanthropist:

Do you have a skill, experience or knowledge you can share? Some people volunteer in specific roles related to their skill base. For example, a graphic designer helps us to create promotional material, and a handyman helps us fix things around the office. Let us know what your skills are and how you would like to contribute. Maybe you have experience organizing, writing, managing social media, the possibilities are endless!


Volunteer with EcoSociety and join your local team.

Get involved! Join an upcoming event

2040 Movie Fundraiser & Community Discussion
Sep 24 – Oct 1 all day
2040 Movie Fundraiser & Community Discussion

Join us to watch an inspiring movie about climate solutions existing around the world

Climate change is not just a crisis for people and our planet, it’s also our greatest opportunity to change the way our society works to be fairer, cleaner, safer and just… better! This movie captures a glimpse into a wonderful and healthy future here on Planet Earth. It is the perfect movie to watch as a family, to inspire your kids to go out and change the world and learn about solutions that can keep our planet healthy and thriving.

Donate $6+ and receive the link to watch this movie from September 24th-October 1st.

Purchase a ticket to the event for $6 or more which is a donation to the EcoSociety. On September 24th, we’ll email you the link to watch 2040 at home in your own time by October 1st.

This event is in collaboration with Citizen’s Climate Lobby volunteers and EcoSociety volunteers.

On the evening of October 1st, join us for a virtual community discussion about the movie. Everyone who donates to watch the movie is invited.

After watching the film, participants will have an opportunity to actively explore what their own 2040 may look like through a creative, land-based activity led by Sarah West, environmental arts therapist.  Participants are welcome to bring their explorations and creations to the community discussion forum on October 1st.

All donations will go towards investing in a future in renewable energy here in the West Kootenays and developing a playbook which will outline how other communities around the world can get their leaders to commit to transitioning to 100% renewable energy.


Volunteering Continues!

Most of our volunteering now happens online. Although some programs do not have online alternatives such as Farms to Friends Delivery. For any in-person volunteering the following protocols will be followed:

Please read before gathering and let us know if you have any questions. Everyone’s safety is our priority.

  • Do not come if you feel sick.
  • Please do not feel pressure to attend if you are worried about safety
  • EcoSociety will provide hand sanitizer
  • Everyone will need to stay 2 meters apart
  • Since we are only meeting in outdoor spaces masks are optional. If you would like to wear a mask but don’t have access to one, then let us know and I can help you find one
  • For any reason, if volunteers are going into an indoor space mask are mandatory as well as hand sanitizing before and after.
  • If you are carpooling it is mandatory that everyone wears masks in the car and sanitize hands.
  • Please no passing around of food or objects unless they have been sanitized. 
  • Be aware that everyone has different levels of comfort around COVID. Please be respectful of that. 
  • While meeting as EcoSociety volunteers let’s be role models in the community and follow all the recommendations above.

Volunteer Handbook

Get familiar with the EcoSocitey and volunteer roles by reading over our handbook.


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